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Welcome to the SYS Millennial Money Coach

I’m here to make a positive impact on millennials and help them achieve next generation personal finance.

As a fellow millennial I have noticed that the area of personal finance for us is complex, outdated and over complicated. The information available, the old school narrative and means of education are not engaging for the majority of millennial’s. Due to this we as a generation feel like we don’t need the advice or don’t want it. We feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about it and steer clear of the topic.

As a result, we have not been made aware or educated on how to manage our personal finances. We lack determination and ambition to achieve financial independence and financial freedom early in life. Instead, we are seeing our generation moving forward in life making poor financial decisions and being left with adverse financial situations that are carried with us through life. Following the route of working the 9-5, incurring debt, constantly worrying about money and doing it for 40 years up to age 65 or later.

My passion for the SYS Millennial Money Coach is to combat these flaws and gaps within the topic of personal finance for millennials. It will put a fresh twist on the topic which will simplify the information and modernise how it is communicated. It will make personal finance attractive and a more approachable topic to discuss for our generation. This will help us develop a strong mindset to achieve financial freedom and earn financial independence earlier in life.

We will move forward in life making smarter financial decisions and developing a strong financial position. We will achieve peace of mind and we won’t have to worry about our finances. Ultimately, letting us live life on our terms and no one else’s. Allowing us to retire early, pursue a business venture, work at something we love and have the freedom to do so.

Keith Dundon
SYS Millennial Money Coach

Founder of the SYS Millennial Money Coach

My name is Keith Dundon and I’m the founder of the SYS Millennial Money Coach. I’m 25 years old and I’m from Patrickswell in County Limerick.

I’m currently a financial consultant with a company called SYS Wealth & Financial Planners. I specialize in providing advice to individuals, families and businesses in financial planning, future cashflow modelling, investment planning, retirement planning, financial security, wealth transfer, business exit planning and mortgages. I’m a trusted advisor providing integrated financial solutions to help achieve financial goals.

I’m a highly qualified and educated individual who spent 4 years as a student at the University of Limerick and achieved an honours degree in Business Studies with a major in Economics & Finance. I am currently a QFA and RPA designation holder which means I’m a fully qualified financial advisor and retirement planning advisor. I am an ambitious individual with the aim of completing the CFP exams in the next few years and aspiring to get to the top of the game in providing financial advice to high net worth and corporate clients.

Outside of work and education, I am an avid sports fan and a member of my local GAA club Patrickswell. I enjoy watching any type of sport but have a particular interest in soccer as I am a Liverpool fan and hurling as a Limerick fan. I played very sport when I was younger but now it’s just hurling. I have been lucky to be part of the Patrickswell teams who have won the limerick senior hurling title twice over the past few years. I also, enjoy all running and all things fitness.

Finally, I have a huge passion for finance and in particular personal finance for millennials. As a young professional in the industry, I am looking to make a positive impact and change how personal finance is perceived amongst my generation.

We will achieve next generation personal finance by focusing on the following 6 key areas:

  • Money Management & Budgeting

    Informing you about the benefits, importance and process of income/expense tracking, budgeting, banking, etc.

  • Financial Education & Literacy

    Explaining how personal finance works in simple terms and helping you to understand the jargon within the industry.

  • Financial Coaching

    Helping you understand your financial decisions/behaviors such as financial habits, spending patterns, investment decisions, emotions, self-control etc to identifying what might be holding you back from being very successful financially.

  • Financial Wellbeing

    Ensuring you are in control of what you spend, save, borrow, and plan for meaning you are well positioned to pay bills on time and spend within your means. Also, deal with unexpected changes to income/ expenses, handling their borrowings comfortably, plan for and meet your long-term goals.

  • Financial Planning

    Reviewing your existing financial circumstances, goals and objectives and building a tailored financial plan to help you achieve their financial goals.

  • Financial Freedom

    Explaining the concept of achieving financial freedom and taking ownership of your finances. Highlighting the value in having built financial assets and having dependable cashflow that allows you to live the life they want without financial worries.

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