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Retirement planning isn’t about buying a pension product from an insurance company. It is about examining all your current assets and liabilities and anticipating what your net worth will be at retirement age, to ensure a sufficient net income can be generated to give you the  lifestyle you dream about in retirement. Your assets will not be  limited to your existing pension plans, but will include investments, property and other potential income sources. 

Furthermore, there are generally three stages to life post retirement;

  1. Active:  when you may enjoy your new found freedom and possibly plan to travel
  2. Passive: you may be less active, but still in good health
  3. Care: as you get older, your health may deteriorate, and you may be in need of full time care, hopefully at home

Our job is to advise you on how to accumulate a sufficient fund to achieve the lifestyle you aspire to, and to provide for you and your spouse if and when you need care. This is where Financial Planning comes in. At SYS Wealth, we specialise in Pre and Post retirement options for self-employed individuals, business owners,  executives and employees.

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